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3rd Party Modules

Due to its modular structure, pilight can be easily extended by providing additional modules. This page lists the modules that are available together with installation information.

Please note that the modules below have been created by pilight users. They are not part of the pilight package and support for these modules has to be provided by their creators. So do not report any issues with these modules as pilight issues! Only post your questions, comments and issues in the Addons forum:

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Instructions for the installation of lua eventing modules

All eventing modules are written in the lua language and don't need compilation. The downloaded lua code can simply be copied to pilights module folders and then can be used right away in your rules. The module folders are:

  • for actions: /usr/local/lib/pilight/actions/
  • for operators /usr/local/lib/pilight/operators/
  • for functions: /usr/local/lib/pilight/functions/

To install one of the eventing modules, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link in the “Source” column for the module you wish to install. The code will then be listed.
  2. Download the module by clicking the tab at the top of the code listing
  3. Move or copy the lua file to the appropriate folder as indicated above.

Event Actions

NameDescriptionpilight versionInformationSource
httpPerform GET and POST actionsv8.1.1documentationhttp
writeWrite text to a filev8.1.1documentationwrite
readRead all text from a file into a labelv8.1.1documentationread
setSet, update or delete a variablev8.1.1documentationset
sendrawSend raw codesv8.1.2documentationsendraw

Event Functions

NameDescriptionpilight versionInformationSource
GETVARRetrieve value from variablev8.1.1documentationGETVAR
FINDReturns the number of occurrences of one string in another stringv8.1.1documentationFIND
FORMATFormat a number into a stringv8.1.1documentationFORMAT
EXTRACTExtract value from http query stringv8.1.1documentationEXTRACT
ROUNDRounds a number to a given number of decimalsv8.1.1documentationROUND

Event Operators


Old C Modules


NameDescriptionpilight versionInstallation
timerA timer based switchv6.0link
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