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 Please give us feedback about this protocol so it can be added by default! Please give us feedback about this protocol so it can be added by default!
 +==== Development progress / known errors ====
 +20140815 (ricardo): works allright with pilight-send. Fit for //main// i.m.h.o.
 +==== Feature Support====
 ^Feature^Support^ ^Feature^Support^
 |Sending|{{http://​​lib/​images/​supported.gif}}| |Sending|{{http://​​lib/​images/​supported.gif}}|
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 ^Brand^Protocol^ ^Brand^Protocol^
 |Rising Sun RSL366|rsl366| |Rising Sun RSL366|rsl366|
-|PROmax (marketed in The Netherlands by //Praxis//)|rsl366|+|PROmax (marketed in The Netherlands by //Kwantum//)|rsl366|
 ==== Sender Arguments ==== ==== Sender Arguments ====
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 1000 0010 000 1 1000 0010 000 1
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-==== Development progress / known errors ==== +
-===Observations by ricardo=== +
-20140814: it doesn'​t work here. I've checked the analysis of the pulse-train with the output from //​send.cpp//​ from //​rcswitch-pi//​ (tested as described at the end of this page), and it seems to be OK. When I try to catch the pulses from this protocol with pilight-debug,​ I do not get any sensible data. Maybe it is a timing problem. I could not find the source file //​rsl366.c//,​ so I was not able to check it, or play around with it. +
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