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-===== Receivers ===== 
-The receiver comes in different shapes, prices, and qualities. It can differ greatly in quality. So the first step is buying the right receiver. Below, I’ve created a list of all receivers I’ve tested in order of achievement. 
-Note: it is recommended to install a [[low-pass filter]] 
-The following receivers have been tested: 
-==== 433.92 MHz ==== 
-|<100% 10px 75px 175px 50px 75px - >| 
-|1|CurlyMo|Shenzhen RXB6|[[http://​​itm/​433MHz-Superheterodyne-3400-RF-Transmitter-and-Receiver-link-kit-/​251131859045?​pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&​hash=item3a78a01065|Ebay]]|$ 10 (kit)|+ Tested to work in at least 30m range (with simple antenna) @5V \\ It already has a PCB antenna \\ - Generates a lot of noise w/o a LPF \\ + Works perfectly with a LPF| 
-|2|CurlyMo|Shenzhen RXB14|[[http://​​itm/​12-10-5mm-ASK-Wireless-RX-Receiver-Modules-5V-433MHZ-108dBm-Super-heterodyne-/​271088931217?​ssPageName=ADME:​L:​OC:​NL:​3160|Ebay]]|$ 4| + The same as the previous receiver \\ + Cheap \\ - No PCB antenna (External antenna required)| 
-|3|CurlyMo|Aurel RX-4M50RR30SF|[[http://​​ce/​nl/​product/​190264/​Aurel-650200527-AM-ontvangermodule-43392-MHz-Module-5-V-Bereik-max-;​jsessionid=603C72B53AFC5C799CB64A6DA6C21F1C.ASTPCEN24|Conrad]]|$ 20|+ Tested to work in at least 30m range (w/o antenna) @5V \\ + Generates less noise due to some filtering \\ - Still needs a LPF \\ + Shielded \\ - Massively expensive| 
-|4|CurlyMo|Standard|[[https://​​products/​components/​communications/​rf-receiver-434mhz|iPrototype]]|$ 7| - Works only within a 4m range @5V and is thereby unusable \\ + Has low noise output \\ - Doesn'​t work well with the a LPF because it has an onboard amplifier \\ - Adding a Schmitt-Trigger makes the noise almost absent \\ + Expensive| 
-|5|CurlyMo|DX H5V4H|[[http://​​p/​cwc-28a-b-315-433mhz-mm110-h5v3c-h5v4d-superheterodyne-receiving-module-272497|DealExtreme]]|$3,​5|- Works only within a 4m range @5V and is thereby unusable \\ - Generates a lot of noise \\ - Untested with a LPF| 
-|6|CurlyMo|Standard|[[http://​​itm/​Hotsell-1-PCS-433Mhz-RF-Transmitter-And-Receiver-Kit-For-Arduino-Project-ItS7-/​121194712218?​pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&​hash=item1c37c48c9a|Ebay]] / [[http://​​p/​433mhz-rf-transmitter-module-receiver-module-link-kit-for-arduino-arm-mcu-wl-green-220194|DealExtreme]]|$2 (kit)|- Works only within a 4m range @5V and is thereby unusable \\ - Generates a lot of noise \\ - Untested with a LPF| 
-|7|Marcel|Standard|[[http://​​ce/​de/​product/​130428/​Funk-Sender-Empfaenger-Set-433-MHz-AM-Baustein-Sender-3-12-VACDC-Empfaenger-5-VACDC-Reichweite-max-im-Freifeld?​ref=list|Conrad]]|$35 (kit)|Tested to work within 5-10m (without a LPF) @5V| 
-|8|Accountabc|Qiachip WL102-341|[[http://​​item/​1pair-2pcs-433mhz-rf-transmitter-and-receiver-kit-For-Wireless-Power-switch-socket-remote-control-LED/​32311933574.html?​adminSeq=205800377&​shopNumber=1456073|Aliexpress]]|$1 (kit)|+Tested to work 15-20m/10m through concrete floors with 17.3 cm wire antenna (with Arduino Nano receiver) @5V \\ + Cheap| 
-==== Some Comments ==== 
-The Aurel receiver has been promoted as being the best receiver out there. My experience is otherwise. You can buy 3 Ebay senders / receivers kits + LPF for the same price and they work evenly well as the Aurel receiver. It still needs some sort of post filtering to be perfect so the cost of a filter adds to the standard price of the receiver. However, the filtering was not yet tested. 
-==== The following devices are not working as expected ==== 
-|<100% 10px 75px 175px 50px 75px - >| 
-|1|Diman87|Aurel RX-4M50FM60SF|[[http://​​ce/​de/​product/​190300/​Aurel-RX-4M50FM60SF-FM-Empfaengermodul-43392-MHz-Baustein-5-VDC?​queryFromSuggest=true|Conrad]]|34 €| - Generating much noise without BPF \\ - not working with a BPF \\ - Corresponding topic: \\ [[http://​​Thread-Aurel-433-92-MHz-111-dBm|Aurel 433,92 MHz -111 dBm]]| 
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