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 000000000000000000000000010100011 000000000000000000000000010100011
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +<​ToDo:>​What is footer and what is header? What is footer? How is binary code evaluated or determined from pulse/pulse train/pulse length?</​ToDo:>​
 +Any single number measures the time difference between a HIGH-LOW or LOW-HIGH transition (for example, it took 286 microsec from the first measured HL to the next LH). There are 132 of that numbers in the debugged code, therefore rawLength or rawlen is 132. The last transition is called footer (also pulselen) and usually pulselen*34 is reported as the last number in this long list. <​ToDo:>​ What is pulse?</​ToDo>​.
 You can now use the raw code to control your device: You can now use the raw code to control your device:
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