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Livolo Switches


Supported Brands

Livolo Remote Touch Switch (VL-C30xR, VL-C70xR)livolo_switch
Livolo clones (e.g., Kisuns, WELAIK)livolo_switch

Sender Arguments

-i --id=id        ID of the remote* (0..65535)
-n --key=number   key number on the remote (1..10)
-f --off          all off for the remote (cannot be combined with key number)

* Not all remote IDs seem to be accepted by the switches.


This protocol sends 24 to 47 pulses per message. First pulse is the header and is 595 μs long. All subsequent pulses are either 170 μs (short pulse) or 340 μs (long pulse) long. Two subsequent short pulses correspond to bit 0, one long pulse corresponds to bit 1. There is no footer. The message is repeated for about 1 second.

Start bit: |             |
bit 0:     |   |___|
bit 1:     |       |

The message without header, when decoded, is 23 bits. First 16 bits identify the remote, rest 7 bits identify the key on the remote. There is no on/off message, only toggle for the specific key. However, there is a 'magic' key id, which turns off all switches associated with the remote.

Key number12345678910Off
Key id096120248048108127240106

In case of four key remote with letters (VL-RMT-02):

Letter on the remoteABCD (Off)
Key id096120106

For example,

0000000000000001 0000000


  • ID: 1
  • Key: 1 or A


0000000000001010 1101010


  • ID: 10
  • Key: Off
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