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 |Config|{{http://​​lib/​images/​supported.gif}}| |Config|{{http://​​lib/​images/​supported.gif}}|
-Supported Brands+==== Supported Brands ​====
 ^Brand^Protocol^ ^Brand^Protocol^
 |1-Wire|ds18b20| |1-Wire|ds18b20|
-Supported Brands +==== Sender Arguments ​====
- +
-Sender Arguments+
 //None// //None//
-Config+==== Config ​====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
         "​living":​ {         "​living":​ {
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Optional Settings+==== Optional Settings ​====
 ^Setting^Default^Format^Description^ ^Setting^Default^Format^Description^
-|decimals|3|number|How many decimals does the temperature information contain| +|device-decimals|3|number|How many decimals does the temperature information contain| 
-|humidity|0|1 or 0|Don'​t display the humidity ​value| +|gui-show-temperature|1|1 or 0|Don'​t display the temperature ​value| 
-|temperature|1|1 or 0|Don't display ​the temperature value+|poll-interval|5|seconds|What should be the poll interval of the sensors
-|battery|0|1 or 0|Don't display the battery ​value|+|device-temperature-offset|0|number|Correct temperature ​value|
-Protocol+==== Protocol ​====
 //None// //None//
 +==== Notes ====
 +Before pilight can see the sensor, you have to run the following commands:
 +sudo modprobe w1-gpio
 +sudo modprobe w1-therm
 +To make sure this is done every reboot, edit ''/​etc/​modules''​ and add the following lines:
 +To find the correct sensor id, you have to run the following commands:
 +cd /​sys/​bus/​w1/​devices
 +The result will look like:
 +28-0000055bd776 ​ w1_bus_master1
 +Use the part after 28- as the correct id, e.g. 0000055bd776.
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