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Supported devices

A list of supported and tested devices. Feel free to add your device if tested and working properly. Do notice that this list is still far from complete

Don't forget to tell us what protocol you used!

Brand Model Type Protocol
Brennenstuhl RCS 1000SN Remote elro_800_remote
DI-O PBT-707 Remote
DI-O CACYT-814 Remote
Elro HE844A Remote
KaKu PAT-103 Remote
KaKu YCT-100 Remote
KaKu TMT-502 Remote
KaKu APA2-2300R Remote + Switch
KaKu APA3-1500R Remote + Switch(es)
Brennenstuhl RCS 1000N Switch elro_800_switch
Brennenstuhl RCS 1000N Switch heitech
DI-O PDR-2300 Switch dio_switch
DI-O PER-1500 Switch
DI-O CAYCR-3500 Switch
DI-O LCMR-1000 Switch
Conrad RSL Switch(es) rsl366
Conrad HE8xx Switch(es)
Globaltronics GT-FSI-04a Switch
Home Kit B402 Switch elro_400_switch
Kangtai Switch elro_he
KaKu ASUN-650 Switch
KaKu PAR-1000 Switch
KaKu CM-1000 Switch
KaKu ACM-1000 Switch
KaKu ACM-3500-3 Switch (3-in-1) Use random ID & Unit and add to config.json (E.g. 14140001 + 0). Put device into learning mode and toggle on/off from webgui until device clicks for acceptance.
KaKu AWMT-230 Switch
Intertechno ITM-100 Contact sensor arctech_switch_old
Intertechno PA3-1000 Switch
Intertechno CMR-500 Switch
Intertechno ITR/ITT-1500 Switch+Remote intertechno_old
Intertechno PAR-1500 Switch intertechno_old
Intertechno ITDM-250 Dimmer kaku_dimmer
Intertechno ITL-230 Switch intertechno_old
Intertechno ITL-250 Dimmer kaku_dimmer
Intertechno ITLR-300 Switch/Dimmer intertechno_old/kaku_dimmer
Elro AB-660 Switch
Elro AB-440S Switch
Elro AB-440WD Switch elro_400_switch
Elro HE-842 Wall Switch use workaround from here:
Elro HE874 Switch use workaround from here:
Nexa PE-3 Switch
Pollin 2605 Switch
Powerfix RCB-A 3600R Switch quigg_gt7000
Proove 311428 Switch nexa_switch
Mumbi m-FS300 Switch Only the old one with DIP. The new one doesn't have a DIP switch.
KaKu ACD-300 Dimmer
KaKu ACM-100 Dimmer
KaKu ACM-300 Dimmer
Kaku ACD-200 Dimmer
KaKu AWMR-210 Dimmer
Conrad RSL Contact sensor
Elro HE-852 Contact sensor use workaround from here:
KaKu AMST-606 Contact sensor
Alecto WSD-17 Weather station
LogiLink WS-0001 Weather station alecto_ws1700
Sempre ? Aldi Süd 2014 Weather station teknihall
Various LM75 Temperature Sensor
Various LM76 Temperature Sensor
DI-O EJLR-1000 Screen/Switch dio_screen/dio_switch
Shenzhen Kelvin KL-690 PIR Sensor protocol_plslen_add(sc2262, 439);
Brennenstuhl RCS 1000 N Comfort Remote brennenstuhl, elro_800_switch, heitech (up to 32 system codes + 32 devices per system code = max. 1,024 devices)
Emil Lux GmbH Art-No:308554 Switch clarus_switch
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