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 |Config|{{http://​​lib/​images/​supported.gif}}| |Config|{{http://​​lib/​images/​supported.gif}}|
-Supported Brands+==== Supported Brands ​====
 ^Brand^Protocol^ ^Brand^Protocol^
 |KlikAanKlikUit|kaku_dimmer| |KlikAanKlikUit|kaku_dimmer|
-Sender Arguments+==== Sender Arguments ​====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 -u --unit=unit ​            ​control a device with this unit code -u --unit=unit ​            ​control a device with this unit code
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 </​code> ​ </​code> ​
-Config+==== Config ​====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
         "​living":​ {         "​living":​ {
                 "​name":​ "​Living",​                 "​name":​ "​Living",​
-                "​order":​ 1, 
                 "​dimmer":​ {                 "​dimmer":​ {
                         "​name":​ "​Dimmer",​                         "​name":​ "​Dimmer",​
-                        "​protocol":​ "​kaku_dimmer",​+                        "​protocol": ​"​kaku_dimmer" ​],
  "​id":​ [{  "​id":​ [{
  "​id":​ 100,  "​id":​ 100,
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Optional Settings+==== Optional Settings ​====
 ^Setting^Default^Format^Description^ ^Setting^Default^Format^Description^
-|min|0|number|Minimum dimlevel| +|dimlevel-minimum|0|number|Minimum dimlevel| 
-|max|15|number|Maximum dimlevel| +|dimlevel-maximum|15|number|Maximum dimlevel| 
-|states|"on,off"|Comma separated list|The order of the different states|+|all|0|1 or 0|If specified this will trigger the "group" ​function of the advanced remotes and trigger all registered devices for the given Systemcode| 
 +|gui-readonly|0|1 or 0|Disable controlling this device from the GUIs|
-Protocol+==== Protocol ​====
 This protocol sends 148 pulses like this This protocol sends 148 pulses like this
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